6 Pack Trigger Sprayers (Pint)


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Customers who often purchase this product own more than one home, where multiple bathrooms see moderate to heavy use. Perfect for multiple teenager rooms where sporting attire carry heavy odors. The RV, an airbnb and the laundry room could all benefit from the all natural odor eliminator. Always treat the source of the odor first. Secondly, treat the air by spraying towards the ceiling in a back and forth motion, sweeping the entire area. As the mist falls, it will clean the air. Any moisture left on hard surfaces will evaporate within minutes or it can be wiped dry. These pint trigger sprayers can give up to 2000 sprays per bottle of our all natural non toxicodor elimination formula.

The OHdorless formula is environmentally friendly and because it does not contain a scent, it holds no oil. This gives you the assurance knowing that no harsh chemicals or unwanted ingredients are being displaced into the air, around you, your pets, your plants or other people. Shelf life is 2 years from date of purchase. Keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods of time.



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