6 Pack, 4 oz. Pump Sprayers


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The 6 pack, 4 oz. travel size bottles have countless places for application. In addition to taking up less space, they are perfect for bathrooms, laundry & teenager rooms,autos, suitcases, gym bags, brief cases, purses, hand bags, offices, boats, RVs or even just a desk drawer. The pump sprayer delivers about 25% less spray as its big brother (the 16 oz. trigger sprayer) but because the mist is so fine, it makes it just as effective! Spray the formula liberally and notice those unwanted odors disappear within seconds.

Always all natural and because it does not contain a scent, it holds no oil. This gives you the assurance knowing that no toxic chemicals or any unwanted ingredients are being sprayed around you, your pets, your plants or other people.  Shelf life is 2 years from date of purchase. Do not stop in direct sunlight for extended periods of time



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