2 Pack, 32 oz. Carpet Formula


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The 2 pack gives you the best bang for the buck, bar none! Own a large home? Second home?  Rental? Airbnb? This is the best economical way to purchase our carpet formula for larger areas. Specifically designed to eliminate, not mask, odors that your carpet has soaked up. It does so without using any harsh chemicals whatsoever. Also, because the formula is completely odorless, your carpet will be too. You will smell nothing! The OHdorless formula does have an organic surfactant so even if your carpet is somewhat dirty, no problem. We’ll get it clean! 1) vacuum area to be extracted. 2) Remove tank and determine capacity on the extractor (home carpet machine).3) Mix 3 oz. of OHdorless formula to 1 gallon of water in the extractor tank. Shake well. You are ready for extracting! The 32 oz. bottle makes up to 8.5 gallons of RTU carpet shampoo that willtreat approx. 1850 sq ft. of carpet.For stain / spot treatment, mix 2 oz. of formula to 5 oz of water in a spray bottle and treat area liberally, saturating it. Let stand for 25 minutes before extracting.The all natural formula is non toxic and completely odorless. Because of this, the formula contains no oil. This gives you the assurance knowing that no harsh chemicals are being displaced into your carpets, around you, your pets, your plants or the people you care about.  Shelf life is 2 years from date of purchase. Store out of the sunlight.



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