These how to demonstration videos are designed to be informative, practical and brief. Feel free to watch them over and over again as needed. Also, check back in from time to time as we will be adding more.

New to the OHdorless Product? Watch This First.

Not all odor eliminators are created equal. In fact, you might say the OHdorless products are in a class of their own. Here is why.

Products that mask unwanted odors is the majority of what sits on the shelf in most grocery stores. True odor elimination is a very different science and makes up a much smaller piece of the market. But not all true odor eliminators are created equal. Some use harsh chemicals, some are completely natural and then others land somewhere in the middle.

Eliminating Dog Urine in Carpet

Using the 16OZ Spray Bottle of OHdorless, this video will take you through a step by step process on how to neutralize and eliminate dog urine in your carpet.

Most of us have either seen it happen or had a pet who has done it: dog urine on carpet. The good news is that if this is caught quickly enough, it can be resolved quite easily. It’s when the fluid has excess time to soak and seep down that it becomes a problem. Either way though, it can be taken care of as long as the pet has NOT urinated in the same spot, over and over again.

Carpet Product

There are two sizes offered in the OHdorless carpet shampoo. In this video we give you an overview of which one you should use and why.

Most families either have a professional company come into their home and shampoo their carpets or they do it themselves annually or every other year. After all, it is the carpet in our home that takes a lot of abuse. Sweaty socks, stinky bare feet, dirty shoes, the oils off of our pets, the list goes on and on. Often, because it is so far away form our noses, we don’t realize the odor in our home is often a result of what is in our carpet. But not all carpet shampoo is designed to truly eliminate unwanted odors. Many on the market today simply mask them.

Bottle Size

Large or small bottle? While the formula in both is the same, the sprayers are not. In this video, the difference between them is shown as well as why that matters to you.

It’s not just the size of the bottle that matters. It’s also the fine mist that comes out you should consider when choosing. In general, those little thumb sprayers have a much finer mist than the bigger trigger sprayers and for most products, that’s a good thing. Finer the mist, the better the product works AND, the less moisture that lands on the hard surfaces.

Our Pets Love their Toys but Sometimes, they flat out stink!

If you have a pet, you’ve been there. You pick up your their toy and if it gets even remotely close to your nose, you can smell the nastiness. Throwing it in the wash machine isn’t always the answer. Here is a safe, inexpensive, effective method.

If you have pets, you likely have toys for them and over time, those things can really stink. Sure you can throw them in the laundry but most toys won’t hold up to it more than a couple times. Why not use the OHdorless product to safely and effectively eliminate those odors and allow your pet enjoy their toy for weeks, even months to come.



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