Q. Most odor eliminators have a fresh smell to them, why doesn’t yours?
A. To attach a scent to a product, (flowers, pine or evergreen, as an example) you must add an oil. Ohdorless does not have any oil in their products. This is one of the reasons it is so safe on so many things. No oils, no scent!

Q. What types of odors does the product not work on?
A. The formula does not do very well at eliminating cigarette smoke (likely because of the nicotine) and petroleum products such as diesel, gasoline, motor oil, etc.

Q. It seems like I have to use quite a bit of the product to knock down certain smells. Why is this?
A. While the formula can do a better job of eliminating some odors over others, it is important to keep in mind that odor molecules float around in the air. They can actually drift quite a ways away from their source. For this reason, the formula may sometimes need to be sprayed very liberally, outside the area you are trying to eliminate odor, to ensure drifting molecules are neutralized.

Q. After I received my product, I opened it up and it looks like it’s just water. Is it?
A. Like most organic products on the market, water is by far the biggest ingredient. While there are other ingredients in the formula, if you shake it up and view it, it will become fairly cloudy and appear to have produced suds. (they aren’t actually suds, the technical term for this is surfactant)  All the ingredients needed to naturally eliminate odors are in there.  Nothing more.

Q. How does the Ohdorless formula actually work?
A. The proprietary formula uses oxidation to eliminate odors. Plainly stated, when the formula comes in contact with an odor molecule, it neutralizes it. The result is it can no longer release an odor.

Q. After using the product, how long will the odor be gone?
A. If the product has been applied correctly, the odor will be eliminated indefinitely.

Q. I used the product and the foul odor returned. Why?
A. Every once in awhile we are told that an unpleasant odor has returned after using our product. To this, there are two things to look at.  First, was 100% of the affected area sprayed or even excessively treated with the formula? Second, has the area been re-affected by the same or a similar event? Historically, most every time, one of those two events has taken place and an UN-wanted odor has returned.

Q. You say this product is safe enough to spray directly on my hair, even my skin but I am very reluctant about spraying any product directly on me. Be honest, is it really that safe?
A. While we understand how you feel and have heard this same concern before, yes, it really is that safe. No oils, no chemicals, non toxic and 100% natural. Take confidence in knowing that this product will not harm you, your plants or your pets. It really is that safe.

Q. I’ve tried the product and it didn’t work. Can I get a refund?
A. While we believe in our products 100%, we realize not every person, in every situation every time, will like our product. For a prorated refund on the unused remaining product, please return the non tampered, remaining amount and Ohdorless will gladly issue you a refund.

Q. Why can’t Ohdorless fulfill orders outside of the US?
A. We have found that with the countless rules, regulations, duties, taxes and compliance pieces, (not to mention outrageous shipping cost) it is simply to complicated and timely to ship our product internationally.


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