You can smell like cannabis simply from being near it. If you don’t like it, there are ways to eliminate cannabis smell.

It was the spring of 2017 and I was scheduled to have a beer with one of my life long buddies. In the small town we live in is one of the frequently visited watering holes with a good atmosphere and a decent variety off the menu. We try to meet once a quarter to reconnect, talk about business, life, and any cool projects we’ve taken on.

My buddy has worked in the cannabis industry for almost three decades. He loves the growing process and finding new techniques on how to produce a unique, higher quality product. While the cannabis space is not much of my thing, it is his passion. Plus, he’s pretty good at it. At least that’s my perspective.

Inside a cannabis greenhouse

While in conversation sharing some laughs, I kept noticing the strong smell of cannabis radiating off of him. That is, when I wasn’t smelling the cheap cologne he was using to try and cover it up. Finally, at the end of our time, I decided to pull a little experiment.

Then, OHdorless was not a business, only an idea. (back then it was called Odor Hero) I had a test bottle of the all natural odor eliminator in my car. I had been intentionally trying it in nearly every situation possible to challenge its level of effectiveness. Well, this seemed like yet another perfect time to put it to the test.

We walked out of that establishment towards our cars. I stated that I want to do an experiment and would he be game to be my Ginny pig. Apprehensively, he agreed. He followed me to my car and I reached in and grabbed a test bottle.

I told him I’d like to test this all natural safe product out on the cannabis odor he was obviously wearing. After a brief laughter, he agreed. Once I started spraying him, he admitted to have been looking for a product to manage the sometimes overly strong odor.

I set the trigger sprayer on the fine mist setting and sprayed a light mist on him from head to toe.

Not to disappoint but no, this is not me and no, rarely do I get this crazy about spraying the OHdorless product.

I told him to walk about 30 ft that way and then come back. Doing so would help activate the formula and kick start it.

I gave the formula a couple minutes to work and then asked him to smell his shirt. Upon doing so, he was quite surprised to notice the cannabis odor was substantially less. A few minutes later I did a 2nd application and a short time after that, in my best estimation, 90-95% of the cannabis smell on him was gone!

It was then, I knew I had a winning product for those people who don’t always like smelling like cannabis.

For more information or how to order the OHdorless product, visit:

OHdorless home page

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