As I write this, the irony makes me smile a bit. Today, on 4/20, I am writing about: yes, you guessed it, the smell of cannabis.

Picture this. It’s a warm spring day. You and your co-worker have decided to go to the local store to pick up a few items on your lunch hour. As you open the passenger side door to get in, suddenly you are hit with an overwhelmingly WHOOSH! The strong, powerful smell of marijuana. Maybe you like it, maybe you don’t. One thing is for certain, you and your clothes are now going to smell like the inside of that car. Ugh!

With the legalization of cannabis in a handful of states several years ago also came the lingering smell from people using it nearby. Obviously, outside in a well vented area carries little to no consequences. Partaking inside a room, office, or yes, an automobile however does leave a substantial smelling trace.

Prior to legalization, (some still do this) many just purchase some sort of inexpensive perfume/cologne to cover up the smell. Replacing one odor for another. While I suppose this does tone down the weed smell they almost always recommend NOT spraying yourself because of the harsh chemicals. Besides that, you would certainly not want to breath in the stuff.

While the marketplace does offer a few quality options to eliminate cannabis odor, it’s not so common to find one that simply eliminates it and doesn’t add an odor back into the equation. For as far back as we know of, manufacturers have almost always added in some kind of a fresh scent. Why, you ask? Because a fresh scent is the absence of a foul one and in our minds we tend to think of a fresh smell as clean. (even though that may not be true)

There is a Better Solution to Eliminate Cannabis Odor

The OHdorless odor eliminator does quite well to eliminate cannabis odor inside of a car, all the while not leaving an artificial scent in its place. The unique formula has a way with attacking those pesky terpenes and starving them of oxygen. It eliminates their ability to give off any further odor by the way of oxidization; a safe and natural method to odor elimination.

So the next time you get into your co-worker’s, friend’s, neighbor’s or even family member’s car and you are hit with a wall of marijuana smell, remember that there are safe and easy ways to rid that smell if you wish to do so. No harsh chemicals, no oils and no heavy residue left on the upholstery. Just a natural salt based formula that will truly leave the car odorless, smelling like nothing. You are welcome.

Recommended product to eliminate cannabis odor

Commercial Strength Pint Sprayers

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