Yup! We not only got a puppy, we also got all of the other things that come along with having one. Less sleep, chewing on everything and puppy pee.

This 2/3 German shepherd 1/3 chocolate lab we call Millie, has stole our hearts. I admit it, we love her. Yes, that includes myself who was the one who drug his feet the most prior to signing on. She is so dang cute and those eyes… she has brought more love into our home than what we ever expected.

As you know, puppy teeth are sharp. Very pointy and can pierce objects, including fingers, quite easy. Getting her to learn the word “easy” is in full swing. Of course the word “no” is used quite frequently as well. “Gotta go potty” is probably the biggest one as we are really focused on getting her potty trained so that those puppy accidents come to a halt. So far, we are doing pretty good with it too. She has been in our home for about 60 days and she is approx. 95% potty trained.

Although, the other day, while I was busy on a project and she was unsupervised, there was an accident in our closet. In general, she is not allowed in our bedroom, but on this particular day, the door was left open and she went “exploring” in an area she really hasn’t been in. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, I found a small wet spot in our walk in closet that was in-fact dog pee on the carpet. Ughh. So, I thought I would at least take this incident and make a video on how to effectively eliminate dog pee on the carpet. You can find it here.

Perhaps the funniest and most enjoyable time of the day with Millie is not when she is playing but it is the moment or two before she gets fed. It truly is something unique to see! It’s as if someone has given this dog a double shot of adrenaline and she becomes wound for sound. Full throttle, max energy, leaping, jumping and yipping with excitement. I’ve seen puppies get excited before but never anything like this.

So where does this leave us? Well, it has brought our family closer. We have yet one more thing in common. We share in those precious moments where my daughter brings Millie out of her bedroom, carrying her in her arms like she is jello and our hearts melt. My wife and I see the love she has for her puppy. The devotion, the undying unconditional love she has for this puppy has brought a deeper level of meaning to not only her life, but my wife’s and mine as well. For me, all of this outweighs the dog pee in the carpet. The accidents on my new floor are just that. Accidents that can be cleaned up.

Yes, I have used quite a bit of my own odor product and it has successfully kept the urine smell at bay in my own house. I’m thankful that during this season of having a new puppy, we have such a product that neutralizes and eliminates urine odor. I’ve actually asked myself and wondered, what would I have done prior to finding this product? Maybe a bigger question is, what do the thousands of other families do in a similar situation? Do they just live with it? Hire a professional carpet cleaner? Buy a residential carpet shampooer and get whatever product they think will best eliminate the smell? I’m not sure.

All I know is our life is richer because of Millie. Pets do that for us, don’t they? They add to us. Even if, in the beginning, they require more out of us than we care to give. It’s those reoccurring moments that touch our hearts where Millie not only receives our love, she gives it back in large proportions. For that, I am grateful for this little puppy.

Millie, less than 3 months old.

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