After years of wanting, asking and even begging, sometimes daily, we gave in to a new puppy.

For years, my youngest daughter has wanted a dog. Well, some days it was a dog, other days it was a puppy and then we went back and forth with the possibility of getting a rescue…. yeah, dad finally caved.

Initially, my wife and I were less than excited and gave a lot of resistance to the idea. We already have one family dog who is well mannered, mature and fits our family like a glove. There are risks that come along with bringing in a new fur child to the family and we really didn’t want to go down that road.

As persistent as she can be, my 14 year old would not give up. Weekly, sometimes daily, she would pull up websites and look at the dogs up for adoption, showing my wife and I what she had found. On one hand, I am proud of her. The persistence she showed over a couple years was something we adults could all learn a lot from. If she ever decides to go into sales when she gets older, that trait will serve her well! As a parent though, it felt like it would never end. Finally, we gave in. Or should I say, my wife gave in and I was the one dragging my feet, still not sure if this was a good decision. Husbands know though, if the wife wants it, the wife gets it. What’s that saying; happy wife, happy life?

So the search for a puppy was in full swing. I kept thinking to myself; we put brand new carpet / flooring in just two years ago. Not one single dog has peed on our carpet and I knew that was all about to change. Sigh. The thought of cleaning up dog pee everyday was less than exciting. Urine on my brand new carpet? Oh please no, not that. Couldn’t we put it off another year, maybe two? I kept asking myself. Over the years I have been in more than a few houses where the smell of pet urine ruled. I think sometimes pet owners become either so use to it or they become nose blind and just see it as the new normal. I did not want my own house like that, no way!

Upon getting a puppy, my wife and I had multiple discussions with her about the responsibility that comes along with a new puppy and how you literally have to watch them non stop, at least in the beginning. Even with all the requirements we laid upon her, she wouldn’t waiver. She agreed to all of them, including cleaning up after it when an accident happened.

The same morning my wife and her went to pick up the puppy, it became very evident that we would be using a lot of the very product I have been promoting, marketing and selling. The same odor spray I have been telling the world that will eliminate urine smell, we would become our own best customer on a new level. No way in heck was I going to let my own house smell like pet urine. Sure, we use it in our bathroom, shoes and other places as needed but now, I was about to put my money where my mouth is. We would be doubling down on the amount of odor spray we use on a daily basis. I was determined and confident to keep my own house smelling clean and fresh. Sure enough, it only took 20 minutes upon arrival that the puppy had an accident.

Yes, she is very cute. Yes, she stole my daughter’s heart and gave her a cause to focus on that is bigger than herself. I suppose every new puppy has those affects when they are brought into a home.

The joy and endless smiles I see from my daughter far out weigh the constant peeing in the house. As a father, there is something I feel that words can’t express when I see my daughter light up holding and playing with that little pup we call Millie and if I have to use a pint sprayer a week to keep my house smelling fresh and clean, I’ll do it. It’s a small price to pay to see my daughter happy.

Stay tuned next month for part two. I’ll be sharing just exactly how this all worked out as I take my own advice and walk the talk.

Hi! My name is Millie.

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