For as far back as I can remember, my mom and dad had a spray can of some type of nasty aerosol air freshener sitting on the back of the toilet. You know the kind; you spray it after stinking up the bathroom hoping that it will make the foul stench go away only instead, it added an additional layer of nastiness to the room. Before spraying it, I would always take a deep breath, close my mouth, spray it fervently and focus on getting out of the room before breathing it in, while quickly closing the door. As if somehow that was the perfect formula to make the room smell better.

The truth is, that’s what I thought the answer was in order to deal with bathroom odor. After all, it’s what my parents did. Aside from how ridiculous it sounds today, that’s just what I thought was right. I never made the time nor did I have the awareness to realize there was a much better way.

Big corporations invest millions and millions of dollars annually to teach us (more like train us) that this is what we are supposed to do. These are the products we should use regardless if there are better, healthier options. True, these kinds of artificial air fresheners have come a long way since I was a kid. They are better. Though many still use harsh chemicals that are not in our best interest. Aside from that, most still do not work to eliminate odors, they simply mask them. A cover up if you will.

Not so long ago, while walking through a grocery store, I stopped to read through the ingredients on a commonly known artificial air freshener. Honestly, more than a few words were difficult to pronounce. Have you ever done a Google search on some of these ingredients? If you haven’t, you may be shocked. That subject however is for another time and some other blog post.

There are a handful of companies that have been born out of providing a better solution to solving the all-to-common unwanted bathroom odor. Especially if you look at natural options. While it is not my interest to name drop, it is my intent to bring awareness to the availability of safer, natural choices. Today, more than ever, the market place has a respectable amount of them.

In fact, if you look past the air fresheners and look at all natural, non toxic, organic options, you not only find something that is safe for you and your family, you find something that can actually be quite pleasant. There is something assuring about not breathing in those harsh chemicals. Of course, that is my professional opinion. It is, however, backed with some deeper thought, personal experience and a steady increase in my awareness to just how much safer and healthier my home is knowing that my family and I aren’t using those types of products.

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