The other day, I walked into a candle store and as I walked the isles and browsed, I was simply amazed at how many different scents there were.

There was every fruit-scented candle I could think of plus ones I had never heard of. Pear, berry bananas, citrus pineapple… the options were endless. Vanilla, Summer Air, Winter Breeze….  Some of these scents I never even knew existed. Popcorn, Vine Tomato, Garden and Dark Sea Salt? Really? It seems like there is a scent for every occasion.

While I admit some of these scents are enjoyable, sometimes it’s nice to smell just nothing, as in, just fresh, clear, air. After all, isn’t that one of the small reasons we escape to the lake? The mountains or step outside to “clear our head”? Even to go on a camping trip or just head into nature. That fresh air smell is recharging and even exhilarating. To take in a deep breath of just clear air makes a statement.

Yeah, like you, I enjoy those artificial scents and admit they have a place, especially around the holidays which are right around the corner. It helps set the mood. But on an average day, while I’m working in my office or getting a little cardio in on the treadmill, even driving to the next meeting or sitting reading a book. I want to smell nothing. Just clear air. It reminds me that everything is clean and everything is OK. Nothing’s burning, melting or cooking. For me, this is just one of the reasons I have come to love Odor Hero’s formula.

Sure I’ll keep a few scented candles around, but more often than not, I’ll stick to just smelling nothing.

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