With the legalization of cannabis in the Pacific Northwest over the last few years, the increases of cannabis odors have also risen. For some, it is like the richest of aromas but for others, it’s offensive and disgusting.
Regardless of where you stand on that sliding scale, the one thing both can agree on is that the smell is very strong, especially when the plants flower. When this happens, terpenes are released and, believe it or not, the aroma can literally become almost twice as heavy. It sticks to anything and everything around it. You don’t even need to make contact with the plant for it to leave its odor on you. If you’re in the immediate area, you WILL smell like cannabis.  It seems as though nearly all of the people who work in the marijuana industry love the odor, at least on some level. Those who have never used or associated with it most likely do not.  It has also been known to cause headaches and nausea to a small percentage.
With increased growing, something everyone needs to understand is, just because someone smells like it, doesn’t always mean they have been consuming it. Yes, that does tend to be the old school of thought and was then largely true, but it is no longer. Plant trimmers and processors (mothers, fathers and younger adults alike), may work around it and even handle it daily but rarely, if ever, consume it, may smell like they have been rolling in it.
If you love the smell of it, there would only be a few different reasons why you would use an odor eliminator to neutralize it; visits to your bank, the post office, court appearance or to see your insurance agent in person. In those cases, you would be wise to not show up smelling like the plant. Failing to do so could very well create other problems you didn’t see coming, legal or not.
For the rest of us, learning to tolerate it or finding alternative ways to get rid of it (Odor Hero’s Cannabis Eliminator) will have to become the norm.

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