Well, OK. Maybe it’s not totally sexy, but I do know this.  Foul odors… they are a huge turn off and quite often, they are nasty!
More than a few times I’ve walked into a bathroom to be hit with a wall of… well, you know. Then, I am forced to make a decision.  Do I endure the agony of smelling someone else’s… well, you know. Or do I leave and find another bathroom that has not been defiled.
I’ve also fallen victim, more than once, to being at friends house when they decided it was a good idea to take off their work boots (sitting only a few feet away) that they’d been wearing for the last 10 hours in 90 degree temperatures.  Yeah, nasty!
While there is nothing sexy about either of these stories, there is everything to be said about smelling nothing or, simply smelling fresh air that has not been affected with an odor. In fact, when we make reference to “needing some fresh air,” don’t we usually mean we need to go outside and just take in what mother nature has given us?
Most of us are unaware of just how much odors play a role in our life. Nearly every day, we are subject to countless scents. Sadly, many of us have become numb to most of them. That is, until they become so strong on either side of the spectrum. When it’s those odors on the bad side, they tend to stop us in our tracks and cause us to either change direction, or look for a solution.
This is one of the many reasons why I love and believe in my product. When I use it, I get to smell nothing. There is no cover up or masking.  There is just a neutral, natural smell. If someone uses the bathroom 5 minutes after me, they smell nothing. No hint of roses, flowers, mint or evergreen piled on top of… you know. Just nothing.
Sure, I like the smell of fresh-cut flowers in a vase, even the sent of a vanilla candle burning adds a warm feeling to the room. But smelling those things on top of a foul odor…  thanks but I’ll pass. A fresh, natural sent is good enough for me.

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