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Misty J.

Recently, my husband suddenly became ill and vomited all over our new, very nice area rug. I rented an industrial steam cleaner to try and salvage it. Although it removed the stain, it did not remove the smell of vomit. My friend told me about a new non toxic, all natural odor eliminator by Odor Hero. I saturated the rug with it and hoped for the best. A few minutes later I got down on my hands and knees to smell the rug and… smelled nothing! I even called my mother in law over to smell it. NOTHING! Honestly, I was prepared to throw the rug away. Odor Hero saved my rug! I will always have a bottle or two of this on hand.

Tab D.

I used Odor Hero in my carpet cleaner to eliminate pet odor. I was pleasantly surprised. It completely eliminated the pet order leaving my room odorless. Love this product.

John R.

A friend of ours recommended the odor spray from Odor Hero as they were having great results with it. We decided to give it a try as well to help clean up & remove dog messes & smells. This stuff works great as it removed 100% of the odors!

Maria - Cannabis Processor

When I first learned of the odor spray I thought to myself, “I hope to God this works, I’m tired of changing my clothes all the time”. I’m a trimmer and do get tired of the smell. I use the odor spray on myself and the bag I carry with all my supplies It does a great job of eliminating the odor so other people don’t know where I’ve been.

Brooks - Cannabis Procesor

One of the hardest parts of working in the cannabis industry is the smell. It’s so strong and I have tried everything to get rid of it. When I first learned of the Odor Hero spray I thought, “It couldn’t possibly work”. I was an ultra skeptic! When I tried it, I was amazed. It worked! When you spray it on you, it’s not heavy and it doesn’t stick with you like an oil would. It feels natural and I like that.

Shannon S. - Grower

I’ve been a grower for about 12 years. A buddy of mine introduced me to the odor spray and I thought, oh yeah, this industry needs that, it is a stinky business. After trying it, I now buy the product for my employees. I like giving them the option of leaving work and going into public smelling normal.

Keith S.

We have used this product around the house for a while now. The biggest eye opener was this summer we were canning tuna. It made the whole house smell like fish. We went through the kitchen and living area liberally spraying the product high in the air and believe it or not, it knocked the fish smell down. Very impressive!


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